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Platinum Homes combines form, function, and quality to create distinctive, elegant spaces. Our team of seasoned professionals focuses on every detail to make your vision a reality.


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Kitchen Remodeling company

Kitchen Remodels in Raleigh, NC

Why Platinum Homes is different

We catch your vision.

Your kitchen must serve its practical purpose. You prepare meals, enjoy family time, entertain. But your “home heart” is more than function—form matters. And, whether you have a detailed design in mind or just a look and feel you’re going for, Platinum Homes can transform your kitchen to reflect your heart.


A clear and simple process.

It can be overwhelming to think about embarking on a home renovation project. But Platinum Homes makes the process clear and simple, and we walk with you through each step. We will give you the confidence in the big picture—and in every detail.


Our five-step process starts with an in-home consultation. Then, once we agree upon a scope and budget, the real fun begins. The design is finalized, and each material is selected. One final check-off on all details, and your renovation begins!


Our kitchen remodel/renovation process

  1. In-home consultation
  2. Project scope & budgeting
  3. Contract, design & material selection
  4. Pricing, confirmation, approval & material ordering
  5. The big day (demo)


Without the right designer and project management, the process of renovation, your kitchen renovation can spiral out of control. The team at Platinum Homes balances function, design, and budget, right from the start. We work with clients to create intentional, purposeful design and choose materials wisely, ultimately minimizing frustration and maximizing project satisfaction.


Unexpected craftsmanship.

In our fast-paced culture, attention to detail—let alone perfection—is definitely not the norm. In fact, when a project is done exceptionally well, it’s often surprising. At Platinum Homes, quality craftsmanship is a product of our passion for what we do. “Good enough” is never acceptable. We don’t cut corners like many other contractors, and you’ll never discover negative “surprises” (shoddy work) when the crew hands over the key. All materials, each cut, and every installation are impeccable, for a final project that exceeds your expectations.


With over 60 years of combined design, building, remodeling, and project management experience, the Platinum Homes team delivers a high level of expertise, so you can be confident in the outcome from the start. Because Rodney Hobbs, John Blais, and Johnny Corbett each have diverse strengths, their talents combine to establish a solid foundation for a successful kitchen renovation every time.


No matter your home remodel project, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, attic remodel, or basement remodel, Platinum Homes will create a simple, functional, beautiful space perfect for you.


Functional beauty

At Platinum Homes, no matter your style, we ensure that your kitchen remodel provides you with a space that meets your distinctive functional needs. We see both the forest and the trees, so our consultation process involves discussing not just the aesthetics you want, but also how you use your kitchen every day.


With larger projects, the kitchen footprint is the foundation of the plan. We’ll ensure that the overall flow, appliance placement, lighting, and power sources provide the functionality that matches your daily life. Even when a kitchen renovation doesn’t involve a significant layout change, we’ll work together to implement various cabinet or shelving choices that can make huge, needed shifts to function.


With any project, it’s easy for clients to get caught up in the finishes, often wanting to talk countertop material and faucet choices right from the start. Our clear and simple process, though, allows for homeowners to see the big picture first and then walk confidently through each step with us toward the gorgeous finished project.


But no matter your kitchen size or project scope, the talented team of professionals at Platinum Homes will make the end result both perfectly functional and simply beautiful.


Inspiring trends.

We believe that the best choices for your kitchen remodel involve design and finishes that make you deliriously happy. That could be purple appliances and a cement countertop or fixture-free blue cabinetry and bamboo wallpaper. Maybe you envision a sea of bright white across every kitchen surface. Or perhaps a retro look with neon colors would bring you joy. It’s our goal at Platinum Homes to create simple, functional, and beautiful spaces—no matter your personal style.


Even though everyone has their own individual flair, it’s always interesting to see what is currently “hot” in kitchen design. Here are five ideas from a recent article at that we think just might inspire you to think outside your style box and try something different.


  1. Mesh or metal grate cabinets

This unique style can add an industrial, historical, glamorous, or edgy look to your kitchen, depending on the type of metal and pattern. It also provides an open feel, without the on-the-shelf perfection required with glass doors.

  1. Bold color combinations

“Pops” of color have always been on-trend. But bold contrasts on multiple surfaces have generally been for the particularly brave. Now, anyone can feel free to choose striking combos like pink and green, gold and maroon, or even a collection of pastels.

  1. The sink skirt

Reviving the generations-old practical trend of using a fabric curtain below your sink can add delightful texture, pattern, and color to your kitchen.

  1. Dark drama

Sure, an all-white kitchen is bright and airy, especially if your space is small. But there’s something to be said for the warmth, coziness, and downright dramatic effect of going dark—whether it’s chocolate wall, cappuccino cabinets, or both.

  1. Mixed materials

This trend can take on many different personalities. You could choose a countertop mashup with granite and butcher block or mix your metallics by combining brass and steel. No one will accuse you of having a boring kitchen!


If you need a remodeling specialist in Raleigh, NC, we would love to help you build your dream kitchen. Whether you are completely changing the footprint of your kitchen or you simply want a facelift, Platinum Homes can create the perfect space that meets your functional needs—and your aesthetic wants. Contact us today and let’s get started.