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Platinum Homes combines form, function, and quality to create distinctive, elegant spaces. Our team of seasoned professionals focuses on every detail to make your vision a reality.


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Custom Homebuilding

Don’t buy into style over substance.

Extravagant countertops, fancy fixtures, and ornate finishes may give an appearance of high value…but it doesn’t necessarily reflect actual construction quality. Once you move into one of those big-box-builder new homes, you may be in for very unpleasant surprises. In fact, there’s a reason they’re called “cookie-cutter” houses: With cheap materials and inexperienced (and often unvetted) labor, lots of corners have been cut. So, it’s imperative to look past the shiny attraction of the superficial and ensure your new home is built on the foundation of true craftsmanship.

For exceptional workmanship, a streamlined construction process, and awe-worthy finishes, turn to Platinum Homes for your custom build. Whether you’ve found the almost-perfect house plan or need someone to take the vision in your head (and heart) and put it on paper, our design-build professionals will bring your ideas to life.

We’ve created a turnkey experience that includes clean, functional, and beautiful design along with a refreshingly transparent construction process. From our first consultation with you, we clearly define every step of the project. We walk alongside you the whole time, providing clear communication and authenticity (and all corners intact).

Platinum Homes turns your dream home into reality—with style and substance.

  • Turnkey design-build services
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Professional design team to help with design decisions & material selections
  • Meticulous project management to stay on time & on budget
  • Accessible client relations manager to keep you informed
  • You stay in control of final decisions and budgets

Platinum Homes is the trusted choice for custom homebuilding throughout the Raleigh area, including Cary, Leesville, and Wakefield.

Call us now at 919.770.0426 or click the button below, and we’ll connect within 24 hours.